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Searching for a Clip

To search for a clip based on its location or keyword, follow these steps:

Click the Search button on the Clip Organizer toolbar. The Search task pane appears, shown in Figure 13.16.

Figure 13.16. You can search for clips by collection or keyword.


This task pane is also available from within PowerPoint itself.

Enter the keyword you want to search for in the Search Text field. If you know the name of the clip (its caption), you also can enter that here.

Use these tricks for better results when you search:

  • Use wildcards to expand your search. A question mark (?) matches a single character, and an asterisk (*) matches multiple characters. For example, pr* matches both presentation and present. Pr? matches pro, but not presentation or present because it looks only for single characters.

  • Use parentheses to search for specific phrases such as “Phil's Photos.” Entering Phil's Photos without the parentheses would search for anything that included both these words, not just that specific phrase.

  • Use a comma to set or criteria. Entering carmel, photos would search for clips that match either carmel or photos, whereas entering carmel photos would search for both words.

In the Search In field, select the collection you want to search from the drop-down list. To expand a collection, click the plus (+) sign; to collapse it, click the minus (-) sign. When you find the collection you want, place a check mark in the box that precedes it.


If you have no idea where the clip is located, choose Everywhere to search in all locations. Be aware, however, that it takes longer to search all collections than to focus on specific collections.

Select the type of files to look for in the Results Should Be drop-down list. Options include All Media File Types, Clip Art, Photographs, Movies, or Sounds.

Click the Search button to begin the search process. The Clip Organizer finds matching clips and displays them in the task pane.



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