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Chapter 11. Working with Charts > Selecting a Chart Type

Selecting a Chart Type

PowerPoint offers plenty of chart types and sub-types for almost every kind of graphic representation you could want to create. Sub-types are variations on a basic chart type, such as 3D options. PowerPoint includes these basic chart types:

  • Column Creates vertical columns to compare the values of categories of data. Column, bar, and line charts work well if you want to compare values over time periods such as months or quarters. Figure 11.7 illustrates a sample column chart.

    Figure 11.7. A column chart makes it easy to compare series of data.

  • Bar Creates horizontal bars to compare the values of categories of data.

  • Line Creates a line with markers for each data value.

  • Pie Creates a pie that analyzes percentages of a total number. Use a pie chart to see how items contribute to a total. For example, you might want to compare the year's expenses for each department in your company. Figure 11.8 shows a pie chart.

    Figure 11.8. Use pie charts to show percentages of a total amount.

  • XY (Scatter) Creates a chart that compares sets of values.

  • Area Creates a chart that shows the trend of values in a single solid area.

  • Doughnut Creates a pie chart that can contain more than one series.

  • Radar Assigns a value axis (radiating from the center) for each category, and draws lines to connect all values in the same series. The chart compares the collected values of several data series.

  • Surface Creates a single 3D surface that helps you finding the best combinations between two sets of data. Colors and patterns indicate areas that are in the same range of values.

  • Bubble Compares three sets of values displayed as bubbles.

  • Stock Shows a stock's high, low, and close figures.

  • Cylinder Creates columns shaped like cylinders.

  • Cone Creates columns shaped like cones.

  • Pyramid Creates columns shaped like pyramids.



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