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Troubleshooting Table of Contents

Troubleshooting Table of Contents

Part 1: PowerPoint Basics

Chapter 1: Introducing PowerPoint 2003

Displaying ScreenTips

Displaying Hidden Toolbar Buttons

Getting Results in the Research Task Pane

Chapter 2: Creating a Basic Presentation

Creating Your Own Template

Choosing a Save Location

Finding a Saved Presentation

Opening a Presentation in a Browser

Part 2: Editing and Formatting Presentations

Chapter 3: Working with Text

Making the Text Fit

Making Your Case Work

Checking Spelling and Style

Chapter 4: Working with Tables

Making Room for Additional Rows and Columns

Undoing Multiple Formatting Changes

Chapter 5: Organizing Presentations

Preparing Files to Import

Dealing with Demotions

Chapter 6: Formatting Slides and Presentations

Copying Versus Cutting Presentations

Consolidating Design Templates

Chapter 7: Collaborating on Presentations

Hiding Comments

Locating Missing Buttons

Chapter 8: Using Speech and Handwriting Recognition

Resolving Microphone Problems

Understanding PowerPoint's Speech and Handwriting Recognition Limitations

Part 3: Making Presentations

Chapter 9: Presenting a Slideshow

Displaying Hidden Slides

Advancing Slides at a Kiosk

Listening to a Voice Narration

Chapter 10: Creating and Printing Presentation Materials

Resolving Print Problems

Speeding Up the Print Process

Resolving Incomplete Graphics Printing

Part 4: Working with Graphics, Charts, and Multimedia

Chapter 11: Working with Charts

Locating Missing Menus and Toolbars

Resolving Datasheet Format Problems

Finding the Add Trendline Menu Option

Removing Empty Spaces

Chapter 12: Working with Diagrams and Organization Charts

Fixing a Problem Organization Chart

Expanding Diagram Choices

Chapter 13: Working with Pictures, Movies, Sounds, and the Clip Organizer

Finding Your Own Clips in the Clip Organizer

Searching by Keyword

Resolving Recoloring Problems

Chapter 14: Creating and Formatting Objects

Understanding 3D Limits

Rescaling Objects

Chapter 15: Working with Animation

Resolving Sound File Problems

Working with Previous Versions

Part 5: Working with PowerPoint on the Web

Chapter 16: Using PowerPoint's Web Features

Restoring Missing Images

Restoring Missing Files

Chapter 17: Working with Web Scripts

Getting Scripts to Work

Properly Placing Your Scripts

Chapter 18: Using Online Broadcasts and Meetings

Resolving Broadcast Connection Problems

Displaying the Lobby Page

Calling Online Meeting Participants

Connecting to the Directory Server

Part 6: Advanced PowerPoint

Chapter 19: Integrating with Office 2003

Retaining Excel Formatting

Fixing a Broken Link

Chapter 20: Working with PowerPoint Macros

Resolving Macro Problems

Chapter 21: Customizing PowerPoint

Resetting a Toolbar

Speeding Up Presentation Performance

Chapter 22: Using PowerPoint's Foreign Language Capabilities

Adding New Menu Options

Finding the Language Settings Dialog Box

Chapter 23: Troubleshooting PowerPoint

Part 7: From Concept to Delivery

Chapter 24: The Message—Scripting the Concept

Chapter 25: The Media—Designing Visual Support

Chapter 26: The Mechanics of Form—Developing External Presentation Skills

Chapter 27: The Mechanics of Function—Developing Internal Presentation Skills

Chapter 28: Techniques and Technicalities

Chapter 29: Presenting in a Variety of Settings

Appendix A: What's on the WOPR CD

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