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Chapter 1. Introducing PowerPoint 2003 > Understanding What PowerPoint Can Do - Pg. 2

2 Chapter 1. Introducing PowerPoint 2003 by Patrice-Anne Rutledge and Jim Grey In this chapter PowerPoint Overview Understanding What PowerPoint Can Do Exploring New PowerPoint 2003 Features Using Menus and Shortcut Menus Using Toolbars Using Task Panes Understanding PowerPoint Views Getting Help Troubleshooting Design Corner: Rearranging Toolbars PowerPoint Overview PowerPoint is powerful, easy-to-use presentation software that is part of the Microsoft Office suite of products. You can use PowerPoint to create presentations for a wide variety of audiences and for a wide variety of purposes. A presentation communicates information, and a good presentation can truly convince, motivate, inspire, and educate its audience. PowerPoint offers the tools both to create a basic presentation and to enhance and customize it to meet its goals. Understanding What PowerPoint Can Do One of PowerPoint's strengths is its flexibility. Using wizards and other automated features, you can quickly create a basic presentation even if you have little or no design skills. If you are a designer, PowerPoint's advanced features and customization options give you complete creative control. With PowerPoint, you can · Create a presentation using a wizard, using a design template, or from scratch. · Add content to your presentation with text and tables. · Use task panes to create new presentations; search for documents and clip art; and apply design templates, layouts, transitions, and animation. · Format a presentation by customizing color schemes, background, and templates. · Make a presentation onscreen using a computer, with overheads and a projector, or via the Web. · Create and print notes and handouts for you and your audience. · Add content with charts, pictures, clip art, and other shapes or objects. · Bring multimedia into the picture using sound, video, and animation.