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Chapter 1. Introducing PowerPoint 2003 > Understanding What PowerPoint Can Do

Understanding What PowerPoint Can Do

One of PowerPoint's strengths is its flexibility. Using wizards and other automated features, you can quickly create a basic presentation even if you have little or no design skills. If you are a designer, PowerPoint's advanced features and customization options give you complete creative control. With PowerPoint, you can

  • Create a presentation using a wizard, using a design template, or from scratch.

  • Add content to your presentation with text and tables.

  • Use task panes to create new presentations; search for documents and clip art; and apply design templates, layouts, transitions, and animation.

  • Format a presentation by customizing color schemes, background, and templates.

  • Make a presentation onscreen using a computer, with overheads and a projector, or via the Web.

  • Create and print notes and handouts for you and your audience.

  • Add content with charts, pictures, clip art, and other shapes or objects.

  • Bring multimedia into the picture using sound, video, and animation.

  • Use PowerPoint's powerful Web features to create online broadcasts, Web discussions, online meetings, Web scripts, and even complete Web pages.

  • Explore advanced features such as linking, embedding, and macros to create customized PowerPoint applications.



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