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Creating Notes

There are several different ways you can create new Notes. It's helpful to be aware of all the options so that you can find and use the one most appropriate to the way you use Outlook.

  • Use a keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+Shift+N, to create a new Note from anywhere in Outlook.

  • Use the mouse to select File, New, Note from the Menu Bar.

  • Click the New button from the Standard toolbar in Outlook's window and select Note. If you're in the Notes folder, the New button opens a new Note by default.


    When you use Word as your email editor, you can't use the keyboard shortcut or menus to create a Note when composing an email message. You'll need to bring Outlook or an Outlook item into focus to use the keyboard shortcut.

  • Click on the small Note icon in the left corner of an open Note and use the New Note menu.

  • Double-click between Notes in the Notes list. If you use a List view, simply double-click after the last Note in the list.

  • Create a Note from an email message by dragging the message to the Notes folder. You can also right-click on the message and select Move to Folder from the menu.

  • Select part of a message and drag it to the Notes folder. You aren't limited to dragging selections from Outlook items; this works for any OLE document, such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and Internet Explorer. You can drop the selection on a Notes folder or anywhere in the list or icon area.

  • Use Ctrl+V to paste copied text into the Notes list. The Note is automatically created with the copied text pasted in.



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