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Chapter 7. Creating and Using Categories > Troubleshooting - Pg. 153

Creating and Using Categories 153 Figure 7.10. Edit the Registry key's description value. 9. In the Value Data box, enter the name of the new entry type, Instant Messaging Ses- sion, and click OK. 10. Select File, Exit to close the Registry Editor. The next time you create a new journal entry, you can select Instant Messaging Session from the list of available entry types. If you look at some of the Registry keys for the default entry types, you'll see they have other values associated with them. Some of the available values are AutoJournaled and JournalByContact. Do not try to add these values to your newly created entry type. These values are dependent on other interactions between Outlook functions and other programs. If you're trying to add an entry type for an instant messaging session, you won't be able to set the AutoJournaled property and have every instant messaging session be automatically recorded as you can for every Word document.