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Chapter 36. Business Contact Manager > Installing Business Contact Manager

Installing Business Contact Manager

Business Contact Manager is an add-in to Outlook. You must have Outlook 2003 installed before you install Business Contact Manager. To install BCM, use the following steps:

With Outlook closed, insert the Business Contact Manager CD in the CD drive. It should play automatically. If it doesn't, browse your CD drive and double-click on Setup.

If you haven't previously installed the .NET Compact Framework, BCM Setup will prompt you to approve its installation. When that installation completes, you can continue installing BCM.

You can choose to install Business Contact Manager, take a tour, or view the readme file. Click Install to start the installation with Figure 36.1.

Figure 36.1. Business Contact Manager setup starts with this screen.

Click Next to display the End User License Agreement. You must choose I Accept the Terms in the License Agreement to continue. Click Next.

You can choose the install location by clicking the Change button in Figure 36.2. When you're satisfied with the installation location, click Next.

Figure 36.2. Choose an installation location. It's usually best to accept the suggested location.

Click Install to begin the installation or click Back to change any of your installation settings.

The actual installation will take several minutes. When the installation completes, you'll be prompted to reboot your computer. After you reboot, you're ready to launch Outlook.



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