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Chapter 21. Using Styles, Templates, and... > Saving Formats as Named Styles - Pg. 543

Using Styles, Templates, and Themes 543 As we'll see in the following section, you can also use this task pane to create a new style, modify an existing style, or delete a custom style that's no longer needed. (You cannot, however, delete any of the built-in styles in the Normal document template, such as Normal, Heading 1, and Body Text.) TIP FROM If you find the formatting lists overwhelming, click Custom... and then select and clear check boxes to limit the display of styles to those you know you want to use and no others. Saving Formats as Named Styles Although Word ships with more than 100 defined styles--they're built in to the Normal template-- you'll quickly find that they don't always apply to your documents and your specific needs. If your needs are simple, you can set up a paragraph style by formatting a paragraph the way you want, and telling Word the name of the style to be based on that formatting. To do so: 1. 2. 3. Format an entire paragraph to have all the attributes you want--both character and paragraph formatting apply. Click once inside the paragraph. If you've used multiple fonts or font styles in the paragraph, the new paragraph style will use the font formatting at the point where you click. Click New Style in the Style and Formatting task pane, and type in a name for the new paragraph style in the Name box (see Figure 21.4).