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Chapter 36. Access Essentials > Secrets of the Office Masters: A Database Desig... - Pg. 921

Access Essentials 921 Troubleshooting How to Install MSDE When I choose File, New and click the Project (New Database) icon, Access asks me to fill in details about my SQL Server connection, but I can't connect successfully. You need to install the Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine with Service Pack 3 or later. Find the Office 2003 CD and run the Setup program in the MSDE2000 folder. This option is not installed by default, and it will not install automatically like other Office features. In fact, installing this program requires careful attention to setup parameters and security settings. Be sure to read Sp3re- adme.htm, found in the MSDE2000 folder, before trying to begin the installation. We also recom- mend that you read Knowledge Base article 810826 ( to learn about setup switches required by MSDE Service Pack 3. After installing MSDE, make sure the underlying service is running. Open Services.msc, scroll through the list of installed services, and locate MSSQL$ server_name (where server_name is the name you specified at startup). If necessary, right-click this service and choose Start. If you're creating a new project from scratch, choose File, New, and then select one of the Project options from the New File task pane. In the SQL Server Database Wizard, choose the name of the local server from the drop-down list of available servers. You must have administrative rights, or be an authorized user as defined by the SQL Server manager. After completing these steps, you should be able to connect your Access project to the Microsoft Data Engine. Installing the Sample Databases