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Chapter 11. Information Functions > Information Functions Overview

Information Functions Overview

Information functions generally return logical results and can be used in many business situations. Combined with other functions, the information functions can manage lists of data and provide feedback based on a logical result. For example, if you were tracking dates where certain items were received and then delivered, you could use the ISBLANK function combined with the IF function to return the result of numbers, widgets, or pages delivered. For a more in-depth explanation of this, see "ISBLANK", later in this chapter. This chapter covers the functions in Table 11.1 that are marked in bold.

Table 11.1. Information Functions
CELL=CELL(info_type,reference)Returns information about a cell’s location, formatting, or contents in the upper-left cell in a reference.
COUNTBLANK=COUNTBLANK(range)Counts the number of empty cells in a specified range.
ERROR.TYPE=ERROR.TYPE(error_val)Returns the corresponding number value associated with an error type in Microsoft Excel.
INFO=INFO(type_text)Returns operating environment information.
ISBLANK=ISBLANK(value)Returns TRUE if the value or values contain empty cells.
ISERR=ISERR(value)Returns TRUE if the value results in an error value used in Microsoft Excel, except #NA.
ISERROR=ISERROR(value)Returns TRUE if the value results in any error value used in Microsoft Excel.
ISEVEN=ISEVEN(number)Returns TRUE or FALSE if the number is even or odd, TRUE being even and FALSE being odd.
ISLOGICAL=ISLOGICAL(value)Returns TRUE if the value is logical.
ISNA=ISNA(value)Returns TRUE if the value associated with the error type is #NA.
ISNONTEXT=ISNONTEXT(value)Returns TRUE if the value of any item is nontext, including blank cells.
ISNUMBER=ISNUMBER(value)Returns TRUE if the value is a number.
ISODD=ISODD(number)Returns FALSE if the number is even and TRUE if the number is odd.
ISREF=ISREF(value)Returns TRUE if the value is a reference, including range names.
ISTEXT=ISTEXT(value)Returns TRUE if value refers to text.
N=N(value)Returns the value converted to a number.
NA=NA()Returns the error value associated with #NA.
TYPE=TYPE(value)Returns the type of value, for example, Number = 1, Text = 2, Logical Value = 4, Error Value = 16, and Array = 64. Use TYPE when the behavior of another function depends on the type of value in a particular cell.



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