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Chapter 5. Formatting and Printing > Using the Drawing Toolbar

Using the Drawing Toolbar

The Drawing toolbar enables you to add shapes, lines, text boxes, artistic text, business strategy diagrams, and clip art to your Office documents and manipulate them in terms of their size, placement, and colors. Table 5.2 explains the buttons.

Table 5.2. The Drawing Toolbar
ButtonNameButton Function
DrawClick this button to display a menu of commands that enable you to manipulate the placement of and relationship between your drawn objects.
Select ObjectsUse this arrow tool to click drawn objects. Using this tool tells Excel that you’re dealing with your drawn objects and not the worksheet’s cell content.
AutoShapesClick this button to display a list of AutoShape categories, such as Basic Shapes and Flowchart. From these categories, choose shapes from a palette of drawing tools.
LineUse this tool to draw straight lines of any length. You can later format the lines to varying lengths and styles, as well as add arrowheads to make the line point to something.
ArrowIf you know your line will be an arrow, draw one using this tool. You can later select arrowheads for one or both ends of the line.
RectangleThis tool enables you to draw simple rectangles and squares.
OvalDraw elliptical shapes and true circles with this tool.
Text BoxWhen you need a text object that can be placed on top of your cells anywhere on the worksheet, use this tool to create the box and type the text.
Insert WordArtCreate artistic text headlines and banners with this tool. The WordArt program, with its own toolbars and menus, opens to give you the ability to create text objects with a wide variety of color, shape, and fill options.
Insert Diagram or Org chartCreates org chart layouts and business strategy diagrams.
Insert Clip ArtClick this button to view and insert objects from a categorized list of clip-art images that were installed with Office XP. The Office XP CD also contains extra clip-art images that you can add as needed—navigate to your CD-ROM drive to access them.
Picture From FileClick this button to view and insert pictures from your personal picture files.
Fill ColorChoose from a palette of solid colors to fill your drawn shape or a range of cells on a worksheet.
Line ColorClick the button to display a palette of colors that you can use to color your line, arrow, or the outline of a shape.
Font ColorApply a color to a shape’s text or text within your worksheet cells.
Line StyleChoose from various line weights and styles for double and triple lines.
Dash StyleIf you want your line to be dashed, dotted, or a combination thereof, click this button and select a style from the palette.
Arrow StyleTurn a simple line into an arrow or change the arrowheads on your existing arrow line. Choose from 10 styles.
Shadow StyleChoose from 20 shadow settings, each with a different light source and angle. Applying a shadow gives your object depth, and it can be applied to shapes or lines.
3D StyleApply up to 20 3D effects to your shapes. Unlike a shadow, which merely repeats the object in a flat 2D state behind the original, 3D settings add sides and depth to your object, and shade the sides for a true 3D effect.



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