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Part V: Appendixes > S - Pg. 281

281 Glossary A absolute reference A cell address that does not change when you move or copy the formula that contains the cell address. address The column letter and row number that specify the cell's location. alignment The position of an entry inside a cell. Entries can be aligned left, center, or right, and positioned in relation to the cell's top and bottom. argument A statement that follows a function and contains the values or cell references the function needs to perform its calculations. See Also syntax. arithmetic operator A symbol in a formula that tells the formula which mathematical operation to perform. ascending order An arrangement of entries from the lowest to the highest value or in alphabetical order from A to Z. See Also descending order. Auto Fill Excel feature that copies an entry from a cell into one or more neighboring cells or fills the neighboring cells with a logical series of entries, such as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurs- day, Friday. AutoFit Excel feature that automatically resizes a column or row to make room for the largest entry in the column or row. AutoFormat Excel feature that adds formatting to a worksheet based on an existing worksheet design. The formatting includes number formats, cell shading, and borders.