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Adding Cell Borders

One of the most common attributes added to a worksheet is cell borders—lines that divide rows, columns, and cells. Borders provide a visual break and help the reader follow a line of data across a row or down a column. To add borders to your worksheet, follow these steps:

Select the row, column, cell, or range to which you want to add borders. (To add borders around all cells in the data area, drag over all cells that contain data entries.)

Open the Format menu and choose Cells. The Format Cells dialog box appears.

Click the Border tab. The border options appear, as shown in Figure 7.6.

Figure 7.6. Add borders around cells or between rows and columns.

In the Style list, click the desired line style.

Open the Color drop-down list, and click the desired color for the borders.

Take one of the following steps to specify where you want the lines placed:

Click one of the three Presets buttons: None removes any borders, Outline places a border around the perimeter of the selected area, and Inside adds lines between all the cells. You can click Outline and then Inside to place a border around each selected cell.

Click the desired Border button to add a line between rows, between columns, at the top or bottom of the selected cell(s), or on the left or right side of the selected cell(s).

Inside the large Border box (which has the word “Text” in it one or more times), click the area(s) where you want line(s) to appear. (You can click a line to remove it.)

Click OK.



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