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Chapter 12. Customizing Excel > Creating Your Own Menus

Creating Your Own Menus

Just as you can create your own custom toolbars, you can create your own menus in Excel and add whichever commands you want the menu to include. The following steps lead you through the process:

Open the Tools menu and choose Customize, or right-click a toolbar and choose Customize.

Click the Commands tab.

Scroll to the bottom of the Categories list and click New Menu, as shown in Figure 12.10. The Commands list displays a single item: New Menu.

Figure 12.10. You can create your own menu.

From the Commands list, drag New Menu up to the menu bar, and drop it in the position where you want your new menu inserted. New Menu appears on the menu bar.

Right-click New Menu in the menu bar, and then in the Name text box, drag over New Menu and type the desired name for your menu.

In the Categories list (in the Customize dialog box), click the category for a command that you want to add to your menu.

Scroll down the Commands list to find the desired command.

Drag the desired command from the Commands list over the name of your new menu and onto the menu itself, as shown in Figure 12.11. The command appears on the menu, and your menu expands to accommodate it.

Figure 12.11. You can populate your menu with commands from the Commands list.

Repeat steps 6–8 to add more commands to your menu.

When your menu is complete, click the Customize dialog box’s Close button.



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