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Outlook > Using Outlook's Tools - Pg. 99

99 Chapter 3. Using Outlook's Tools In this lesson, you learn how to change views in Outlook, how to use the Navigation pane, and how to use the Folder list. Using the Navigation Pane Microsoft Outlook 2003 has greatly enhanced the user environment in the Outlook workspace. The new Navigation pane replaces the Outlook bar and serves as the main navigational tool when you are working in Outlook. You will find that the Navigation pane has a button for each of the Outlook folders. Each Outlook organizational tool has its own folder. You have a folder for e-mail (Inbox), a folder for the calendar (Calendar), and so on. To use the Navigation pane to switch to a different folder, select the appropriate button. Figure 3.1 shows the Navigation pane and some of the other areas of the Outlook window. Figure 3.1. Use the Navigation pane to view your e-mail, appointments, and so on.