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Chapter 13. Managing Your Worksheets > Inserting Worksheets - Pg. 495

495 Chapter 13. Managing Your Worksheets In this lesson, you learn how to add and delete worksheets within workbooks. You also learn how to copy, move, and rename worksheets. Selecting Worksheets By default, each workbook consists of three worksheets whose names appear on tabs at the bottom of the Excel window. You can add or delete worksheets as desired. One advantage of having mul- tiple worksheets within a workbook is that it enables you to organize your data into logical chunks. Another advantage of having separate worksheets for your data is that you can easily reorganize the worksheets (and the associated data) in a workbook. Before you learn about the details of inserting, deleting, and copying worksheets, you should know how to select one or more worksheets. Selecting a single worksheet is a method of moving from worksheet to worksheet in a workbook. Selecting multiple worksheets in a workbook, however, is another story. Selecting multiple work-