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Chapter 9. Adding Graphics to a Slide > Managing Images in the Clip Organizer

Managing Images in the Clip Organizer

Occasionally, you might want to add or delete clip art images from folders on your computer. Managing images is accomplished using the Clip Organizer. When you install Microsoft Office 2003 (using the default installation), a fairly large library of clip art is placed on your hard drive in different category folders. You can manage these clip art images and other images on your computer, such as scanned images or pictures from a digital camera. To open the Clip Organizer, follow these steps:

With the Clip Art task pane open in the PowerPoint window, click the Clip Organizer link near the bottom of the task pane to open the Clip Organizer.

(optional) The first time you open the Organizer, you will be given the opportunity to catalog all the media files (clip art, photos, videos) on your computer. Click the Now button to catalog all media.

To view the clip art categories Microsoft Office has provided, click the plus sign (+) to the left of the Office Collections folder in the Collection list (this folder is located on the left side of the Clip Organizer window). Category folders such as Academic, Agriculture, and so on will appear in the Collection list.

Click one of the category folders to view the clip art that it holds (for example, click Food). The clip art in that category folder appears in the Clip Organizer window (see Figure 9.6).

Figure 9.6. Use the Clip Organizer to manage your clip art and image files.



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