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Part 10. Working with To Do Items > Task 5 How to View and Change To Do Status

Task 5 How to View and Change To Do Status

You need to keep on top of the tasks you've assigned yourself to make sure that you do them before the deadline. This is even more important when you have assigned tasks to others because you need to watch their time as well as yours. You need to get their responses back in a reasonable time frame so the work starts in a timely fashion. Also, you have to mark the To Do item as completed when you know all the work is done.

View Participant Status

When you have a Group To Do item, you need to keep track of everyone who is working on the project. To quickly see who has or hasn't responded to the assignment and what their answers were, select the item in the view and click Actions on the Action bar. Then select View Invitee Status.

See Who Has Responded

The Invitee Status dialog box opens to show a list of everyone you assigned to the Group To Do, what their roles are (Required or Optional), if they have responded, and what their responses are. Click Print to print the Invitee Status list. Click Close to close the dialog box.

Use the Incomplete View

The All To Do's, Personal, and Group views in the To Do List are all organized by priority—High (1), Medium (2), Low (3), or None. The Incomplete view, however, is organized by status (Not Started, In Progress, Overdue) and then by priority. The view shows only the tasks that aren't finished yet. Expand a To Do item to see all the responses to it displayed beneath it. The subject of the response tells you the answer to your assignment; open the responses to see any comments.

View Items by Due Date

Sometimes you need to know which To Do items are approaching their due dates. Open the All To Do's view and click the sorting triangle next to the Due Date column header. That sorts the view by due date, instead of by priority.

Mark a To Do As Completed

When you finish a task, you should mark the To Do as complete. For your Personal To Do items, you either select the item in a view and click the Mark Complete button on the Action bar or click the Mark Complete button in the open To Do document.

Complete a Group To Do

If you have finished your portion of a Group To Do assigned to you, select the To Do item from a view and click Mark Complete. In the dialog box that opens, select Keep Me Informed of Updates to be notified about any changes to the task. To send comments to the assignor of the task, select Include Comments on the Reply Message. Click OK. The task owner gets an email memo saying you have completed your assignment, which also appears in the owner's To Do views.

Mark Group To Do Complete

As the owner of the To Do item, you can mark it complete after all the participants notify you that they have finished making their contributions. Either from a view (with the document selected) or in the open document, click Mark Complete on the Action bar. The task status changes to Complete. The Complete check mark shows for the To Do in the To Do Lists of all participants.



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