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Part 10. Working with To Do Items > Task 4 How to Convert a Mail Message to a T...

Task 4 How to Convert a Mail Message to a To Do Item

Too often, a task that needs to be completed doesn't arrive in the form of a To Do assignment. Instead, it comes as part of a regular mail memo. You therefore need to make a To Do item for yourself so you can track it and add it to your calendar.

Identify a Memo for Conversion

A mail memo that says you need to have something done in a specific time frame is an ideal candidate for conversion to a To Do item. Start by selecting the memo in the view or by opening the memo.

Copy a Memo to a To Do

To create a To Do item from the memo or from a view, click the Copy Into New button on the Action bar and select New To Do. A new To Do item opens.

Define the To Do Item

The new To Do form has the same Subject as the mail memo you received, and the body of the memo appears in the Description. You can change or add to those fields. You will have to set the Due By and Start By dates and the Priority. Whether you assign the task to yourself or to others is another decision you must make. You might even decide you need more than one To Do item to handle all the assignments involved.

Enter Your Own Description

The original text of the mail memo body appears in the Description area of the new To Do item. You probably will have to create a more specific description to define the task to be accomplished. Just click in the Description and edit the text, adding or deleting as necessary.

Add Others to Group To Do

Select Others in the Assign To field. Enter or select the names of the people you think could best help you with the project in the Required field, using the Optional field for the marginal people who need to be kept up-to-date in case they are needed. In the FYI field, you might enter the name of the person who sent you the original memo, so she is kept informed on the progress of the task.

Set Notification Options

If you want to be reminded of the due date, select Notify Me to open the Alarm Notification Options. In Alarm Will Go Off, enter a number, select Day(s), and select either Before or After. Then choose whether you want to be alerted by a sound or an email notification or both by making the appropriate selections under What Happens When Alarm Goes Off. If you select Send Mail Notification with Subject, you can specify recipients of the alarm, such as yourself and the other members of the task group. Click OK.

Send the Assignments

Click Save and Send Assignments on the Action bar to send assignment memos out to the participants.



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