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Part 10. Working with To Do Items > Task 1 How to Create a To Do Item

Task 1 How to Create a To Do Item

A To Do task has a starting date and a due date, plus a priority (high, medium, low, or none) you assign to signify its importance. Therefore, when you look at your To Do List, you can immediately see the status of your tasks—those not started, in progress, overdue, or complete. Tasks can be personal (something you have to do) or group tasks assigned to others you are overseeing.

Open the To Do List

To open your To Do list, either click the To Do bookmark on the Bookmark bar or click the To Do List hot spot on the Welcome page. If your Mail is already open, click the down arrow next to Mail and select Switch to To Do.

View the To Do List

There are several views in the To Do List. All To Do's display all the task documents; Personal shows only the tasks you've given yourself; Group shows only tasks you've assigned others or others have assigned to you; By Category lists the views by the categories you gave them; Incomplete displays all tasks that aren't finished yet by status; and Complete shows the tasks that are done.

Open a To Do Document

With a To Do view open, double-click a To Do document to open it. Each task document has a subject, starting and due dates, and a priority. You can also categorize your tasks. Additional information about the task appears in the description, as well as any attached files relating to the task.

Create a Personal To Do

To create a new To Do task, click the New To Do Item button on the Action bar of any view in the To Do List. A To Do Item form opens. You can also press Ctrl and click in the view where the text Ctrl-Click Here to Add a New Document appears. This lets you insert a subject; press Tab to open the Category field. Press Enter to save the document. Open the new To Do document to insert details.

Fill Out the To Do Form

Enter the name of the task in the Subject field. Select or enter the date the task should be completed in the Due By field, and insert the date the task begins in the Start By field. Select a Priority (High, Low, Medium, or None), and select a Category. For a Personal To Do, select Myself in the Assign To field. Enter additional text in Description, where you can also attach files.

Repeat the Task

If the task occurs regularly, select Repeats. The Repeat Options dialog box opens. Specify how often the event repeats (yearly, monthly, weekly, daily), and then qualify that choice (if you selected Yearly, you could specify Every Other Year). Set how long you want the repetitions to continue by entering the duration or specifying an end date. If the task falls on a weekend, select if and when you want it moved. Click OK. (It is difficult to change the repeating information later.)

Choose Options

In the To Do Item form, select Mark Private to keep others from seeing any details about the task, even if you've given them permission to view your To Do List. Select Notify Me to set an alarm that notifies you when the task due date approaches. Click Save and Close on the Action bar to save the To Do Item document.



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