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Part 9. Working with Meetings and Group ... > Task 8 How to View a Group Calendar

Task 8 How to View a Group Calendar

After the group calendar is created, you can view it to see when the other members of the group are available or busy. Whether you can see this information or not depends on what level of access you have to the calendars of the people in the group.

View a Group Calendar

Open your calendar and click the down arrow next to Calendar. Select View & Create Group Calendars from the drop-down menu to see all the group calendars. For an existing group calendar, such as New Products Project, select Open Group Calendar: New Products Project. If you just created a new group calendar, it might not appear on the list until the next time you open your Calendar.

View a Particular Date

Click the down arrow next to the date at the top of the group calendar, and select the date you want to view from the date picker.

View the Group Calendar

The group calendar displays a schedule for about two weeks. Use the horizontal scrollbar to move back and forth through the weeks. The legend underneath the schedule explains what the colors mean.

Display Details of a Block

To display the details of any busy block on the group calendar, right-click the block and select Open Entry for the time block.

See the Entry

Provided you have the appropriate access to that person's calendar, you will see the calendar entry below the schedule. You will know immediately whether this is an appointment you can ask the person to change, if you need to ask her to do something. Click the Close button if you want to close the group calendar.

Display an Individual's Calendar

If you need to view an individual's calendar, double-click the person's name. That calendar appears below the group calendar, provided you have access to view that person's calendar.

Print the Group Calendar

Click the Print Preview button on the Action bar. In the Print Calendar dialog box, the Print Calendar to a Document option is already selected, as is the Calendar Style Group option. Set the Print Range and Print Settings, and then click Preview. The printout, as shown in the Preview, is only a listing of the days, who has entries on those dates, and the times and subjects of those entries. You can print that list or forward it to someone else.



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