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Part 9. Working with Meetings and Group ... > Task 7 How to Create a Group Calenda...

Task 7 How to Create a Group Calendar

A group calendar displays the free-time schedules of a specified group of people. You quickly see who in the group is available at a particular time, provided that everyone in the group keeps their calendars up-to-date and grants permission for you to see their calendars or free time. The group calendar you create is stored locally and isn't available to anyone else. Therefore, each member of the group must create his own group calendar.

Open the Group Calendars Folder

You're ready to create a group calendar for the people you work closely with in your department. Start by opening your calendar, clicking the down arrow next to Calendar, and selecting View & Create Group Calendars from the drop-down menu.

Create a Group Calendar

Click the New Group Calendar button on the Action bar of the Group Calendars folder; the New Group Calendar dialog box opens. Enter a Title for the group calendar.

Add the Member Names

In the Members box, enter or select the names of the people to be included in the group calendar. Click OK, and the new group calendar document opens.

Open the Group Calendar

The new group calendar appears in the Group Calendars folder. Double-click it to open the group calendar document.

Set Display Options

To adjust the display to suit your needs, click the Display Options button. The Options dialog box opens.

Specify a Starting Time

By default, the first time that shows on the group calendar is 9:00 a.m. If your working (or meeting) hours run differently, select a new Starting Time for the group calendar.

Select the Duration

The group calendar normally displays a day of 8 hours, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. By changing the Duration, you can increase or decrease the number of hours displayed. Click OK to accept your changes.



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