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Part 9. Working with Meetings and Group ... > Task 4 How to Reschedule, Confirm, o...

Task 4 How to Reschedule, Confirm, or Cancel

After the meeting invitations have been sent out, you manage the meeting by checking on the status of the responses to your invitation, rescheduling the meeting when necessary, and possibly sending mail memos that relate to the meeting. The Meetings view of your calendar displays a list of meeting invitations—both the ones you issued and those sent to you by others.

Reschedule a Meeting

Open your calendar and click the Meetings tab to open the Meetings view. Select the meeting you want to reschedule. Then click the Owner Actions button on the Action bar and select Reschedule. The Reschedule Options dialog box opens.

Change the Meeting Time

Select new Start or End dates or times. If you need to consult the free time of your invitees to see whether you chose a good time for everyone, click the Check Schedules button. The Check Schedules dialog box appears.

Look for Best Times

Select Look for Best Times to show the best meeting times for the date you picked. Click Suggested Times for Selected Day and choose a different time span to search if you don't find a time that suits you. Select one of the suggested times and click the Use Selected Time button to change the meeting time. Click OK.

Add Comments to the Notice

A notice of the change will automatically be sent to all the participants. To include some remarks of your own on the memo, select Include Additional Comments on Notice in the Reschedule Options dialog box. Click OK. A Reschedule Notice memo appears. Add your message under Comments and click Send.

Confirm a Meeting

You might want to confirm the meeting to the invitees who have agreed to attend. Select the meeting in the Meetings view and click the Owner Actions button. Select Confirm; the Confirm Meeting dialog box appears and tells you a notice will be sent to all participants. You also have an opportunity to add your comments to the notice (select Include Additional Comments on Notice to open the notice memo). Click OK to close the dialog box.

Cancel a Meeting

When you cancel a meeting, you must notify all the participants of the cancellation. By canceling the meeting, you also remove the reservations you made for rooms or resources. Select the Meeting document, click the Owner Actions button, and select Cancel. The Cancel Options dialog box opens.

Set Cancel Options

To delete the meeting entry and all its related documents, select Permanently Delete the Meeting and All Notices and Documents Related to the Meeting. If you don't want to lose the information in the meeting document but don't want it on your calendar, select Remove the Meeting from the Calendar View but Leave It in the Meetings View. A cancellation notice will be sent out to all participants. Select Include Additional Comments on Notice to add your remarks to the mail memo. Click OK.



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