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Part 9. Working with Meetings and Group ... > Task 3 How to Find Rooms and Resourc...

Task 3 How to Find Rooms and Resources

Part of creating a meeting invitation is to specify and reserve a room and any equipment to be used for the meeting (called resources). To reserve rooms and resources in this manner, your Domino Administrator must have set up the rooms and resources for you to access.

Reserve a Room

In the Meeting entry form, enter a location (site) where the meeting will be held. Then type the name of the room you want to reserve in the Rooms field of the Where section, or click the Address Book button at the right end of the Rooms field. The Rooms dialog box opens.

Select the Room

From the list of rooms on the left side of the dialog box, select the room(s) you want to use for your meeting. Click Add to add the selected room(s) to the list of rooms on the right. Then click OK.

Find a Room

To find out which rooms are available at your meeting time and match the seating capacity you need, click the Find Room or Resource button at the top of Meeting form and select Find Room(s).

Search for the Room

When the Scheduler dialog box opens, it displays the starting and ending dates and times for the meeting. Select the site where you want the meeting held. The # of Attendees field shows the number of people you invited to the meeting. Click Search, and the rooms that are available appear under Search Results. Select one and click OK. If no choices appear, you might have to change your meeting time or date.

Reserve a Resource

Resources usually include audiovisual equipment needed for presentations and special furniture such as podiums. Enter the names of the items you need in the Resources field, or click the Address Book button to select from a list, as you did with rooms. The Resources dialog box opens. Select the resources you need from the list on the left; then click Add. Click OK when the list is complete.

Find a Resource

To select from a list of resources that are available at the time of your meeting, click the Find Room or Resource button and select Find Resource(s). In the Scheduler dialog box, select the site of the meeting. Click Category to specify the class of item you need, such as video equipment. Click Search to get a list of available items; then select the one you want and click OK. If the equipment you need isn't available, make other arrangements or change your meeting schedule.

Set Up an Online Meeting

If your meeting will be held online, click This Is an Online Meeting. From the Type field, select the type of online meeting you are planning—Collaboration, Moderated Presentation/Demo, or Broadcast Meeting. In the Place field, enter or select the online meeting place (URL). Click the Online Meeting Attachments button to select the files you want to use for the meeting. When you click Save and Send Invitations, the invitation memos will include a link to access the Sametime meeting place.



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