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Part 9. Working with Meetings and Group ... > Task 2 How to See Who Is Available a...

Task 2 How to See Who Is Available and When

After setting the meeting date and time in the Meeting entry, you should specify who to invite to the meeting. Then, you need to check who will be available to attend the meeting at the time you've set. If necessary, you can adjust the meeting time to fit into the schedules of those you want to attend the meeting.

Invite the Attendees

In the Invitees section of the meeting entry form, enter the names of the definite attendees in the Required field or click the Address Book button and select the names from the Directory. In the Optional field, enter or select the names of people who receive a meeting invitation but aren't necessarily required to attend. The names of people in the FYI field receive an information-only notice of the meeting; other invitees can't see their names.

Find the Best Meeting Time

To see if the meeting time you picked is the best or to get a recommendation for a better time, click the Click to See Invitee, Room and Resource Availability link or the button next to it. The Scheduler section expands. Select Summary to see a list of suggested dates and times that might be better for holding the meeting. To switch to one of these times, select it and click Use Selected Time.

Change the Time Period

When looking for the best times, there might not be a good time on the date you originally selected. Click Suggested Times for Selected Day. You can have Notes look for a better time and date within the next 7 days, the next 30 days, for the selected week, or for the selected month by selecting the appropriate option. The currently selected option has a check mark by it.

Change from Full Attendance

When the meeting has many invitees, you might not be able to find one time when everyone is free to attend. However, you might be willing to settle for a time when most people can attend. Click Check If All Required Can Attend and select the criteria for who can attend—all, all required attendees, 75% of required attendees, or 50% of required attendees. Then select the best time for that number of invitees.

See Schedule Details

In the Scheduler section, select Details to see a color-coded chart that shows when your invitees are unavailable, already scheduled, available, or if no information is available about the invitee's schedule. This gives you a better idea of what other activities the invitees have that day. Any rooms or resources you selected also display on the chart. If you have access to an invitee's calendar, you can double-click that name to open that person's calendar.

Update Schedule Information

Because people could be adding or removing calendar entries, you might want to update the schedule information showing on your screen. You do that by clicking the Refresh Schedule Information button, which displays in both the Summary and Details.



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