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Part 9. Working with Meetings and Group ... > Task 1 How to Schedule a Meeting

Task 1 How to Schedule a Meeting

When you decide that you need to hold a meeting, you should create a meeting entry in your calendar. In the Meeting entry form, you define the date, beginning time, and ending time of the meeting.

Create a Meeting Entry

Click the Calendar bookmark to open your calendar, and then click the Schedule a Meeting button on the Action bar. A meeting entry form opens.

Define the Meeting's Purpose

In the Subject field, type a brief description of the meeting.

Enter Start and End Dates

For Starts or Ends, you need to specify the dates on which the meeting begins and ends. You can type in the values manually, using the same format as the sample date, or use the date picker. When you click the date picker, a small month calendar appears from which you select the date. Use the left and right arrows to change the month. When you select a Start date, the End date automatically changes to the same date.

Select Start and End Times

Although you can type the time values, using the time picker ensures that you use the correct format. When you click the time picker button, a list of times appears. Drag the yellow time picker up or down the list until it highlights the time you want. Click the green check mark button to accept the setting. You must set both the Start and End times, but Notes automatically calculates the Duration for you.

Set the Time Zone

Perhaps, you'd like to specify the time zone as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) for the benefit of international invitees. To specify a time zone other than local time for your meeting, select Specify a Different Time Zone. Next, click the time zone picker button next to Time Zone for Start Time. Select the time zone from the drop-down list, and the same time zone will appear in the Time Zone for End Time field. The entry form also will show you the local time value.

Provide a Description

You can give your invitees more information about the meeting in the Description area of the entry form. If you have an agenda, type it in under Description or attach any related documents by clicking Click to Append Attachment(s) or the paper clip button.



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