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Part 2. Working with Databases > Task 5 How to Use Properties Boxes

Task 5 How to Use Properties Boxes

You have some familiarity with dialog boxes from using Windows and other applications. The properties boxes in Lotus Notes are different, however: They are not dialog boxes. They remain onscreen until you close them, and as long as they are open, you can continue to make choices that affect whatever is currently selected. When you make a choice in a properties box, that option is either instantly applied or only requires you to press Enter. There are no OK and Cancel buttons. Understanding the differences between dialog boxes and properties boxes is important when working in Notes.

Open a Properties Box

You open a properties box by choosing Edit, Properties from the menu, by pressing Alt+Enter, or by clicking the Properties button on the Universal toolbar. When working with a particular element, a menu command relating to that element also can open the properties box for that element. If you select text, for example, the Text, Text Properties menu command opens the Text properties box. You can also right-click an object and select Properties from the context menu.

Select the Element

Depending on the element you currently are using in the database, the options displayed in the properties box change. At times, the element displayed in the title bar might not be the one you need. When your cursor is in the text in a document, for example, Notes might display the Text properties box, but you might need to work with the Document properties box. To change the element, click the down arrow on the element list and select the one you want.

Use the Tabs

Properties boxes have tabs. When you click one of the tabs, a different set of options appears. Point to the tab and hold your mouse pointer there momentarily to see a tip that tells you what properties are on that tab.

Collapse/Expand the Properties Box

Because you can leave the properties box onscreen while you work, it sometimes gets in the way. To move the properties box, point at the title bar and drag the box to a new position. Click the Collapse button to shrink the properties box so only the title bar and tabs display (some properties boxes, such as Text, also display tool buttons when collapsed). To see the entire properties box again, click the Expand button.

Get Help

If you need help to understand the options in a properties box, click the Help button on the title bar (the question mark). A window appears with information directly related to the options currently displayed in the properties box.

Close the Properties Box

To close a properties box, click the X in the upper-right corner of the title bar, press Alt+Enter, or click the Properties button on the Universal toolbar.



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