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Part 2. Working with Databases > Task 4 How to View Documents

Task 4 How to View Documents

The view shows you the list of documents, but you still have to read the document to know what's in it. Notes lets you preview a document before you open it so you can get an idea of the contents. To work with the document, you need to open it.

Select the Document

The selected document in a view has a black outline, called a selection box, around it. To select a different document, click once in the target document's row. Alternatively, use the up-and down-arrow keys to move the selection box up and down the list of documents until it encloses the document you want.

Preview the Document

After you select the document in which you are interested, choose View, Document Preview, Show Preview. The Preview pane opens at the bottom of the view.

Adjust the Preview Pane

The Preview pane displays a portion of the selected document without opening the document. You can scroll up and down within the Preview pane. The Preview pane stays open, so you can preview other documents in the view by selecting them. Drag the top border of the Preview pane up or down to adjust its size. A thick, black line appears as you drag, and the mouse pointer becomes a two-headed arrow. The line shows where the border will appear when you release the mouse button.

Close the Preview Pane

Close the Preview pane choosing View, Document Preview, Show Preview. You can also drag the pane border back to the bottom of the window, or click the down arrow on the border.

Open a Document

Open a selected document by double-clicking anywhere within the selection box or by pressing Enter.

Close the Document

When you open a document, a window tab appears for that document. To move between open documents, views, or pages, click the window tab for the item with which you want to work. Each window tab has an X that is the Close button. Click that X on the document's window tab to close the document. Alternatively, press Esc.



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