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Part 2. Working with Databases > Task 3 How to Work with a View

Task 3 How to Work with a View

A view in a database acts like a table of contents; it shows you a list of documents within the dataset. Some views display all the documents in the database. Databases that have different types of documents might have a view for each type of document. The name of the view tells you what document you can expect to see if you open that view. Each view might show the documents in a different order or might display different information about the documents. The rows in the view represent documents; the columns contain field information from the documents.

Select a View

When you open a database, the Navigation pane displays the names of the views and folders. Select the name of the view you want to use. The list of documents shown in the View pane changes to match the view you selected. You can drag the border between the Navigation pane and the View pane to the left or right to see more of the information in either pane.

Expand Categories

The documents in some views are organized by categories. These categories can be expanded to show all the documents in the category or collapsed to show only the category name. Categories have small triangles, called twisties, in front of them. If a category is collapsed, click the twistie to expand it; click the twistie of an expanded category to collapse the category.

Use Tools to Expand/Collapse

Clicking a twistie expands or collapses a single category. You can also expand a selected category by clicking the Expand button on the Navigate View toolbar. Click the Collapse button to collapse a selected category, and click the Expand All button to expand all the categories in a view. The Collapse All button collapses all the categories in the view.

Sort a View

In some views, a small triangle or pair of triangles appears in the column headings. When you click a sorting triangle, the order of the documents in the view changes based on the data in that column. If the sorting triangle points up, clicking it sorts in ascending order (A–Z, 1–9, oldest to youngest). If you click a sorting triangle that points down, the view sorts in descending order (Z–A, 9–1, youngest to oldest). Some column headings have either an up or a down triangle; others have both. Most, however, have none.

Change Column Width

You can make a view column wider or narrower by dragging the border that separates the column headings. You position your mouse pointer over the border until it becomes a two-headed arrow and then drag the border to the left or right. A vertical line appears in the view to show where the new column margin will be when you release the mouse button.

Rearrange Column Order

Would you prefer to have the columns in a different order? Just click and drag the column heading you want to move and drop it into its new position. A black, vertical line appears as you drag to show you where the column heading will go when you drop it.



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