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Part 14. Working Away from the Office > Task 5 How to Use Location Documents

Task 5 How to Use Location Documents

Notes always needs to know where your computer is when you are working so that it knows whether it should look for a server on the network or dial out to call a server. The information on how you connect is stored in the Location documents. Six location documents are available after installation—Home (Network Dialup), Home (Notes Direct Dialup), Internet, Island (Disconnected), Office (Network), and Travel (Notes Direct Dialup). You can edit these to suit your needs or add new ones (ask your administrator for help).

Choose a Location

Choose the location that best describes your current situation and your connection to your home server (the one on which your Mail is stored). Click the Location button on the Status bar and select the location from the pop-up menu. You can also select a location by choosing File, Mobile, Choose Current Location from the menu.

Set Travel Options

If you select Travel (Notes Direct Dialup) as the location, which is designed for connecting from a hotel room or a site where you have to dial in to the Domino server, the Time and Phone Information for Travel dialog box appears. Specify the dialing information, such as the number you have to dial to get an outside line, the country code where you are if you are outside your country, and the area code where you are. You can also set the date, time, and time zone where you are. Then click OK.

Edit the Current Location

Although your location documents were all set up at installation time, you might need to make changes to your location documents, such as changing your home area code or your calling card numbers for home or travel locations (other changes are usually made with administrator guidance). Click the Location button on the Status bar and select Edit Current.

Create a New Location

A new situation might require you to create a new Location document (for example, if you need to set up on the network at a regional office where you use a different server). Choose File, Mobile, Locations from the menu. The Locations view of your Personal Address Book opens. Click New on the Action bar and select Location. A new location document opens.

Set the Location Type

Enter a descriptive Location Name. From Location Type, select Local Area Network if you are connected to your network or use a cable modem or DSL phone line. Select Notes Direct Dialup if you connect to the Domino server with a modem over a phone line, or select Network Dialup if you connect using a modem and phone line but go through a network server to get access. To stay disconnected (for example, on an airplane) where you work locally and don't replicate, select No Connection. Select Custom if none of these matches your situation.

Specify the Server

Click the Servers tab. In the Home/Mail Server field, type the name of the server where your mail file is located. On the Ports tab, select the ports you'll be using at this location (TCPIP, LAN0, COM1). Select the Mail tab and choose whether your Mail file location is on the server or on your local hard drive. On the Internet Browser tab, specify the type of Internet browser you'll use at this location. Get help from your administrator on what you need to fill in.

Save Your Location

To save the new location document you created or an existing one you just edited, click Save & Close on the action bar.



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