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Part 14. Working Away from the Office > Task 2 How to Create a Replica of the O...

Task 2 How to Create a Replica of the Organization Directory

The Domino Directory is the address book that contains the names of all the people in your organization. When you are connected to the Notes network in the office, you have access to the Directory to address mail or make name selections for databases. However, as a mobile user you aren't connected to the network, so you need to create a local replica copy of the Directory or use the Mobile Directory Catalog, which is a special version of the Directory.

Find the Mobile Directory Catalog

If your administrator has set up the Mobile Directory Catalog, you might have a replica of it already loaded on your computer. The Mobile Directory Catalog is a condensed directory that contains the people and groups you need for addressing mail, and it can include information from more than one directory in your organization. To see whether you have one, open a new memo and click the Address button. In the Select Addresses dialog box, open the Choose Address Book drop-down list.

Use the Mobile Directory Catalog

You can select the Mobile Directory Catalog (check with your administrator to see whether this database has another title) and then use the names and groups for mail addressing. Administrators usually set up the catalog to automatically replicate for mobile users, so you won't have to create a local replica if your organization has one. But what if you don't see a Mobile Directory Catalog, as is the case here? You then have to replicate the Domino directory for your organization.

Create a Directory Replica

If you have a bookmark for the organization directory, right-click the bookmark and choose Replication, New Replica from the context menu. Otherwise, open the directory and choose File, Replication, New Replica from the menu.

Enter the Server and Name

The Server name should be Local, so the replica is saved to your hard drive. The File Path automatically appears as names.nsf. You need to change that filename; otherwise, the Domino directory will overwrite your Personal Address Book. Notice we changed our filename to leonames.nsf.

Specify Replication Settings

Under Replica Settings (click to expand), choose the settings you want for your replica. Select Encrypt the Replica Using if you want to encrypt the database, and then set the strength. To index the database, select Create Full Text Index for Searching. Select Copy Access Control List to apply the same access levels to your replica as are in the original (you might not have a choice). Unless you want to wait for your next scheduled or manual replication, select Create Immediately.

Define What to Replicate

The Domino directory is a large file, and you don't need all of it to address mail. You can choose to replicate only the people and group documents from the directory. To open the Replication Settings for Organization Name's Directory dialog box, click the More Settings button.

Select Minimal Address Book

Click the Space Savers tab in the dialog box. From the Include drop-down list, select Minimal Address Book to replicate the minimal information required to send unencrypted mail. Click OK. Then click OK to create the replica.



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