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Part 14. Working Away from the Office > Task 1 How to Create a New Mail Replica

Task 1 How to Create a New Mail Replica

Because you work disconnected from the server much of the time, you might need to create a replica of your Mail. A replica is a special type of copy that doesn't overwrite the entire file but only updates the database with changes, additions, and deletions. It is stored on your computer, whereas the original stays on the server. Replicating your Mail database reduces the time you have to remain on the phone line because you create and read mail while disconnected; you only connect to replicate.

Create a New Replica

The best time to create a Mail replica is while you are still connected to the network at the office (although you can do it over a phone line). First, check with your Notes administrator to see whether you need to do it, if any special settings are required, and which server stores your Mail. Open your Mail database and then choose File, Replication, New Replica from the menu. The Create Replica for Database Your Name dialog box opens.

Specify Where the Replica Goes

The Database title is automatically entered, matching the name of your Mail database on the server. Because you want to store the new Mail replica on your computer's hard drive, Local should be the choice for Server. The label server often confuses people; think of it as saying, “On which computer do you want to store the replica?” The File Path is also automatically filled in by Notes, although you can change it if necessary.

Encrypt Only If Necessary

Encryption scrambles a database so only someone using your ID file and password can read it. For security reasons (for example, if you're afraid someone might steal your laptop and read confidential material in the database), you might want to encrypt your Mail replica. Click Replica Settings to expand the dialog box, if needed, and select Encrypt the Replica Using. Then select Strong Encryption, Medium Encryption, or Simple Encryption.

Create a Full Text Index

Although you will have other opportunities to do this, creating a full text index as you replicate the database sets up the replica immediately for any text searching you might want to do. To have the index created, select Create Full Text Index for Searching.

Copy the Access Control List

The Access control list (ACL) defines who has the rights to use the database and to what extent they can use it. You have at least editor access to your Mail database, which means you can create and edit documents in it. If you want to continue to use the same security settings as the server copy of the database, select Copy Access Control List (if this is grayed out, you have no choice but to use the server copy settings). If you don't select this option, you can change the access levels, but only for your local replica.

Create Immediately

Select Create Immediately, if it's not already selected. Otherwise, the new replica won't be created until your next scheduled replication (if you have scheduled one) or until you manually replicate. Click OK to accept your settings and close the dialog box.



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