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Part 8. Using the Calendar > Task 7 How to Add Holidays

Task 7 How to Add Holidays

Holidays don't appear automatically on your calendar, so if you want to know when Columbus Day is it won't help to consult your calendar. You can add a single holiday as an anniversary. However, Notes has sets of predefined holidays you can add to your calendar.

Import the Holidays

With your calendar open, click Tools on the Action bar and then select Import Holidays. The Import Holidays dialog box appears.

Select a Holiday Set

From the list under Please Select the 'Holiday' Group(s) to Import, select the set of holidays you want to add to your calendar.

Add Other Sets

You might want to display another set of holidays, such as Christian or Jewish, to see where these religious holidays fall. If you often work with people in another country, you might want to add their holidays to your calendar. You can select as many sets as you want in the Import Holidays dialog box. Click OK to close the dialog box.

Confirm the Import

An Import Holidays confirmation box appears, stating how many holidays were added, updated, or deleted from your calendar. Click OK.

Make a Holiday Busy

Holidays do not affect your free time; you still show as being available at that time. If you want to make the holiday time show as busy, open the holiday entry (double-click the entry) and deselect the Pencil In option. Save and close the entry.

Modify a Repeating Entry

If you make changes to a holiday or any repeating entry, the Change Repeating Entry dialog box appears. It asks how you want the changes you made to be applied to the related recurring entries—just for this one instance, for all instances, this instance and all previous instances, or this instance and all future instances. Select an option and click OK.



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