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Part 8. Using the Calendar > Task 5 How to Note an Anniversary

Task 5 How to Note an Anniversary

An anniversary event is not just for wedding anniversaries. It is any occasion that has no time value (duration) but needs to be marked, such as a birthday, a deadline marker, or a payday. Anniversaries do not affect your free time as seen by your co-workers.

Create an Anniversary

With the calendar open, click the New button on the Action bar and select Anniversary. An Anniversary entry form opens.

Fill Out the Entry

As with appointments and events, you must fill out the Subject, Description, and Start date. Note that there is no ending date and no time values.

Repeat the Anniversary

Repeats is automatically selected for anniversary entries. To set the repeat options, click the Repeats button to open the Repeat Options dialog box. Then set the frequency, starting date, and duration as you did for appointments and events. Click OK.

Set Your Anniversary Options

The Pencil In option is automatically selected for an anniversary, so your free time is not affected by the anniversary when other people are checking to see whether you are available. Select Mark Private if you don't want other people to see this anniversary when they view your calendar.

Get Notified

Select Notify Me or click the alarm clock icon to set an alarm for yourself to help you remember the anniversary. The Alarm Notification Options dialog box appears. Give yourself sufficient warning (such as 1 day Before), and choose how you want to be notified (an alert box, a sound, or an email). Click OK.

Save the Anniversary

Click the Save and Close button in the upper-left corner of the Anniversary form. The anniversary appears in the calendar.



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