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Part 8. Using the Calendar > Task 4 How to Record an Event

Task 4 How to Record an Event

All-day events have at least one-day duration. Unlike appointments, you cannot specify a start time or end time for the event. Events typically are used to schedule vacations, seminars, conventions, and such.

Create an All-Day Event

With the calendar open, click the New button on the Action bar and select All Day Event. An All Day Event calendar entry form opens.

Fill Out the Form

As with an appointment form, you must complete the Subject, Location, Categorize, and Description fields. You can also add attachments, such as a convention agenda, by clicking the paper clip icon.

Specify the Dates

You can specify the Start and End dates for the all-day event, but there are no starting and ending times to enter for an event. Use the date picker or enter the dates for each field. If the event lasts for more than one day, an event entry is made for each day.

Repeat the Event

If the event is held on more than one consecutive day, entering the Start and End dates creates the repeated days. However, for an event that is held on a regular basis (such as annually), select Repeats to open the Repeat Options dialog box. Select the frequency, such as Yearly, and then define the frequency (such as Every Year or Every Other Year). Then specify the Starting date and how far into the future you want the repeats to appear in your calendar. Click OK.

Set the Event Options

As with appointments, you can select Pencil In to tentatively hold the time period for the event. Others viewing your calendar or free time will not see this time as busy. You can prevent others from seeing the event by selecting Mark Private, but they will see the time period as busy when they check your free time. Select Notify Me or click the alarm clock icon to set up a notification alarm before the event occurs (as in Task 3, “How to Create an Appointment”).

Save the Event

Click the Save and Close button in the upper-left corner of the All Day Event entry form. The event appears on your calendar.



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