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Part 8. Using the Calendar > Task 3 How to Create an Appointment

Task 3 How to Create an Appointment

Appointments have a start and end time, can be set to repeat, and can be marked private so that even those with access to your calendar cannot read the particulars about your private appointments. Use appointments to mark your biweekly aerobics class, your kid's orthodontist appointment, or an interview session with a potential employee.

Create an Entry

Open your calendar and click the New button on the Action bar. Select Appointment.

Fill Out the Form

In the Subject, enter a short descriptive name for the appointment. Enter a Location for the appointment, especially if it isn't in your office. If you want your appointments sorted by categories, enter or select a category in Categorize. Click <Enter the Description of This Event> and type a more complete description of the appointment. Click the paper clip icon to add any attachments.

Picking Times

In Start, enter the starting date of the appointment or click the date picker button to select the date. Then, enter or select the starting time for the appointment (in the time picker, slide the yellow time picker up and down to find the time and then click the green check mark button). Select a time zone, if that's appropriate. Do the same for the End values.

Repeat the Appointment

Some appointments are repeated, so you can select Repeats to set up the repetition. Under Specify When the Meeting Repeats, choose the frequency (such as monthly). Then in the second drop-down box, further define how frequently to repeat the appointment. Specify a time period during which the repeating appointments will continue by setting a Starting date. Then select To and set an end date, or select Continuing for to set a number of repetitions. Specify any exceptions and then click OK. The appointments are automatically entered in the calendar.

Set Entry Options

Select Mark Private to keep others from seeing the particulars of this entry, even if they have permission to look at your calendar. The time period of the appointment will still show up as busy time. If you select Pencil In, it tentatively reserves the time period for this appointment, but people who can see your free time will see this time period as available.

Get Notified

To get an alert when this appointment is due, select Notify Me or click the alarm clock icon to open the Alarm Notification Options dialog box. The alarm is enabled unless you select Disable an Alarm Notification Before This Event Occurs. In the Alarm Will Go Off box, enter a number value and then select Minute(s), Hour(s), or Day(s). Next, select Before or After. If you want more than just an alert box, either select Play Sound and then choose a sound or select Send Mail Notification with Subject and then specify a recipient. Click OK.

Save the Entry

Click the Save and Close button at the upper-left corner of the entry form.



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