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Part 8. Using the Calendar > Task 2 How to Print the Calendar

Task 2 How to Print the Calendar

Having a calendar in Notes is really useful. However, sometimes you are away from your computer, but you'd like to have your calendar with you. You can print out your calendar view, a list of calendar entries, or one or more calendar entries.

Print Your Calendar

With your calendar open, choose File, Print. The Print Calendar dialog box opens.

Choose the Style

Print Calendar is automatically selected as what you want printed. From the Calendar Style drop-down list, select how you want the calendar displayed: Daily Style, Weekly Style, Work Week Style, Monthly Style, Rolling Style (prints just the dates specified in a month-type format), Calendar List (prints the calendar entries in a list), or Trifold Style (prints daily, weekly, and monthly in three panels for folding).

Set the Range of Dates

Under Print Range, select the From and To dates for the time period you want to print (or Time and To times for Daily Style). If you were displaying the appropriate time period in the calendar before you opened the Print Calendar dialog box, the correct dates might already be there for you.

Decide What to Include

Click the Calendar Style tab. Under What to Print in Every Calendar Entry, deselect any items you don't want included in the calendar entry—Icon, Start, dash (-), End, or Subject/Location/Chair. Use the Up and Down buttons to change the order in which a selected item appears in the entry. Click the Font, Size, or Style entry to make an alternative selection; click Make Same to apply those attributes to all items. Under Style Options select the options for how the calendar will display, such as Include Weekends or Expand Rows, Time-Slots as Needed.

Choose a Page Type

Under Page Types, select the appropriate type that will fit in your day planner, if you have one. Otherwise, select the Full Page option.

Preview the Calendar

Click the Preview button in the Print Calendar dialog box to open the Preview window, where you can see a representation of how the calendar will look when you print it. Your mouse pointer becomes a magnifying glass with a plus (+) sign in it. When you click in the calendar, it zooms in on the preview; click again to zoom back out. Click Done to close the Preview window. Click OK to print the calendar.

Print Selected Entries

In the calendar, hold down the Shift key and click each calendar entry you want to print. Then, choose File, Print to open the Print Calendar dialog box and select Selected Documents under What to Print. Click OK to print each of the selected entries.



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