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Part 8. Using the Calendar > Task 1 How to View the Calendar

Task 1 How to View the Calendar

The Calendar lists all your appointments, meetings, all-day events, reminders, and anniversaries (each type of entry has a different color background). It displays them by days, weeks, or months. When you point at a single calendar entry, a pop-up gives you the details of the entry. Double-clicking an entry opens the calendar document that contains all the entry information.

Open the Calendar

To open your calendar, click the Calendar bookmark on the Bookmark bar or the Calendar link on the Welcome page.

Display a Date

To see a date other than the one displayed, use the date picker. If the date is in the same month, click that day. Use the left and right arrows by the month title name to go back or forward in the months; then click the day you want. To see today's date, click the Today link below the picker.

Change the View Format

You can view the calendar in different ways, depending on how many days you want to see at one time: One Day, Two Days, One Week, One Work Week, Two Weeks, Two Work Weeks, One Month, or One Work Month. The One Work Week, Two Work Weeks, and Work Month views do not show the weekends. Click the appropriate tab (Day, Week, or Month), and then click the down arrow next to the tab name for a list of view options. Today's date is always indicated.

View Time Slots

The time slots automatically appear in the One Day, Two Days, and One Work Week views and are set one hour apart by default. To see the time slots in any of the Week or Month views, choose View, Show, Time Slots (the same menu command turns off the time slot display). Scroll arrows show up at the right of the time slots.

Look Ahead or Back

When you have a Day or Week view displayed, you can move to the previous or next page of the calendar by using the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the page. Click the left or right scroll arrow to go back or forward one page in the calendar. Drag the scroll box to move more than one page at a time; a pop-up shows you which date will be shown when you release your mouse button.

View Entry Information

When you view the calendar in a Day format, you can see all the information about the entry. In a Week or Month view, the entry information might be chopped off. To see all the information, point at the entry and a pop-up displays the time, title, and location of the entry.



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