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Part 7. Using the Address Book > Task 6 How to Create an Internet Account

Task 6 How to Create an Internet Account

When you want to search for email addresses in Internet directories such as Bigfoot or Verisign, you need to set up a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Internet account. After you create the account, the directory is included in the Look in list in the Select Addresses dialog box you use when you address mail. Setting up Internet accounts is not an easy task for you to take on by yourself. You'll need some help from the Domino Administrator—especially with the information you need to enter (such as account name, host server name, login name, and password). In some organizations, you will not be able to set up your own Internet accounts.

Open the Account Form

In your Personal Address Book, click the twistie in front of the Advanced folder in the Navigation pane, and then click Accounts. Click the New button on the Action bar and select Account. A new account form opens.

Give the Account a Name

In the Account Name field, type a name that describes the LDAP directory you want to use, such as Bigfoot or Four11.

Enter the Server Name

In the Account Server Name field, type the hostname of the LDAP server. For example, the Four11 server is ldap.411.com. You can find the information for the most common servers in Help.

Enter Login and Password

If the host server requires a login name and password, enter them in the appropriate fields. Then, select LDAP from the Protocol drop-down list. Don't change the SSL or Only from Location(s) fields, unless instructed to do so by your Domino Administrator.

Set Protocol Configuration

Unless you are setting up Verisign, which needs NULL in the Search Base field, you shouldn't have to change any of the settings on the Protocol Configuration tab unless instructed to do so by the Domino Administrator.

Change the Port Setting

The Port Number on the Advanced tab is almost always 389, unless your Domino Administrator instructs you to change it. Click Save & Close to save your settings and set up the account.



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