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Part 7. Using the Address Book > Task 5 How to Use Your Organization's Director...

Task 5 How to Use Your Organization's Directory

In the Domino Directory for your organization, you can view all the users in your organization and any organization-wide groups. Depending on the level of access your Domino Administrator has assigned to you, you might be able to make changes to your own Person document in the Domino Directory (such as updating your telephone number). Otherwise, only the Domino Administrator makes changes to the Directory.

Open the Domino Directory

Choose File, Database, Open to access the Open Database dialog box. From the Server drop-down list, select the name of your server, and from the Database list box, select the name of your organization's directory. Click Open. The Directory opens to the People view.

Bookmark the Domino Directory

If you don't already have a bookmark for the Domino Directory and didn't take the opportunity to bookmark it from the Open Database dialog box, you can bookmark it while the database is open. Right-click the Directory's window tab and select Create Bookmark from the menu. Select the location where you want the bookmark stored, and then click OK.

View People

The Domino Directory has two views that should interest you—Groups and People. Select People from the Navigation pane to see a list of Person documents—at least one for each person in your organization. You can sort the view by Name, Company, or Mail Server; click the sorting triangle on the appropriate column heading to sort the list.

Open a Person Document

Double-click a Person document in the People view to open that person's document. The information is organized quite differently from the Contact document in your Personal Address Book, and more administrative information is included. Some of the personal information, such as the person's birthday, isn't in the Domino Directory's Person document.

Copy a Person to Contacts

Although for mail purposes you don't need to add people from the Domino Directory to your Personal Address Book, you occasionally might do it so that you can store personal facts about the person. Select the Person document and click Copy to Personal Address Book on the Action bar.

Find a Group Member

If your Domino Directory has several groups, you might want to find the groups in which you or another person is a member. From the Groups view, click Find Group Member on the Action bar. Type the name in the Enter the Common Name You Want to Find box, and click OK. A list of groups appears in the View pane; each one contains the name you typed.



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