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Part 7. Using the Address Book > Task 4 How to Perform More Actions

Task 4 How to Perform More Actions

Because the Personal Address Book stores information on people and groups, you can use it as a starting point to perform operations—sending mail, scheduling meetings, printing labels, or visiting Web pages.

Write a Memo

When you have your Personal Address Book open, you can send an email message to any contact listed there. Select the contact(s) or group(s) to whom you want to address a memo; then click Write Memo on the Action bar. A new memo opens addressed to the selected people or group(s).

Schedule a Meeting

From one of the Personal Address Book views, select the people or groups you want to invite to a meeting. Click Schedule Meeting on the Action bar. A new Meeting form appears with the names you selected listed as the invitees. Enter the meeting information and click Save and Send Invitations.

Add Contacts from Other Directories

If you need to add someone to your Personal Address Book who is already listed in either a Domino Directory or an Internet directory (if you have access to one), you can do that from the Contacts or Contacts by Category view. Click Directories on the Action bar, and the Find People dialog box opens.

Select Who You Want to Add

From the Choose Address Book drop-down list, select the address book that contains the name(s) you want. From the list of names, select the person you want (click in the selection margin in front of each name if you want to select several). Type the beginning letters in Find Names Starting with to help you locate a name. Click the button that has a + and a book icon on it. A message appears saying that name has been added. Click OK—if you don't see it right away, press F9 to refresh.

Visit a Web Page

If you have entered the Web page (home page URL address) for the contacts in your Personal Address Book, you can visit the home page of a contact. Select the Contact document in either the Contacts or Contacts by Category view. Click Tools on the Action bar and select Visit Web Page.

View the Web Page

The Web page listed in the Contact document opens. To close the Web page, click the X on the window tab for the Web page.

Print Labels

To print mailing labels for your contacts, select the ones you want from the Contacts view. Then, choose File, Print. On the Printer tab, click Selected documents under What to Print. On the Documents Style tab, select Print Multiple Documents on Each Page, select a Label Format, and select a Paper Type. Click OK.



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