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Part 7. Using the Address Book > Task 3 How to Create Groups and Mailing Lists

Task 3 How to Create Groups and Mailing Lists

Do you find yourself selecting several people for many of the mail messages you send? Are they sometimes the same group of people? You can save time by creating a mailing list group that includes people to whom you send similar messages. You might want a group for everyone in your department or for the members of a committee, for example. After you create the group, you can address mail to the group; that mail is then sent to each individual in your group. You will have to maintain your member list to keep it current, however.

Open the Groups View

Open your Personal Address Book, and then select the Groups view in the Navigation pane.

Create a Group

Click New and select Group to create a new group. A new Group form opens.

Enter a Group Name

In Group Name, type a short descriptive name for your group. You will use this name when you address mail.

Set the Group Type

You need to select the Group Type for your group (Multi-purpose is the default); click the entry helper button on the field to open the Select Keywords dialog box. Groups can be used for security purposes, and most of the group types relate to that purpose. You really need a mailing list, so select Mail Only and click OK. The definition of the group type you selected appears under Group Type Help on the right side of the form.

Add the Group Members

You can enter the names in Members, but if you click the entry helper button, you can pick the names in the Select Names dialog box. Select the appropriate address book from the Choose Address Book drop-down list. Then, select a name from the list and click Add. To select more than one person, click in the selection margin in front of each of the names and then click Add. Click OK.

Save the Group Document

Click Save & Close on the Action bar. The new mailing list group appears in the Groups view.

Send Mail to a Group

In a new memo, type the name of the new group in the To field. (You can also select the name of the group when you click Address.) Then, complete the memo as usual and send it.



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