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Part 7. Using the Address Book > Task 2 How to Add and Delete Contacts

Task 2 How to Add and Delete Contacts

The information you store about a person—name, title, company, and so on—is kept in a Contact document. Each Contact document has four tabs. On the Business tab, you enter all the information related to the person's work (company, job title, business address and phone, and so on). You put information about the person's home address, home phone, family, birthday, and anniversary on the Personal tab. The Briefcase tab contains any pictures or attachments, plus comments about the person, and you specify the category for the person on the Advanced tab.

Create a New Contact

With your Personal Address Book open, click New on the Action bar and select Contact. Or, from the menu, choose Actions, New, Contact. A New Contact form opens.

Fill in Basic Information

Press Tab or use the mouse to move from field to field on the form. At the top, fill in whatever information you have about the person. Select the appropriate choices from the Title (Mr., Ms., Dr., and so on) and Suffix (Jr., Sr., II, and so on) drop-down lists.

Add the Email Address

Click the Email button to open the Mail Address Assistant dialog box. Select the type of mail system the person uses, such as Lotus Notes or Internet Mail, and then click OK. Another dialog box opens, where you enter the mail address information. Then click OK to add the address to the Contact document.

Enter Business Information

With the Business tab selected, you can enter any information about the person that relates to work. You can either select a Company (if you have other people from that company listed) or enter a name. Click the twistie in front of Additional Business Information to enter more information, such as the company Web page.

Add Personal Data

You can add information such as the person's home address, home phone, spouse's name, children's names, birthday, and anniversary on the Personal tab. If you enter the birthday or anniversary, they will appear in the Birthdays & Anniversaries view.

Enter More Information

You can add attachments or add pictures to the Contact document on the Briefcase tab. On the Advanced tab, you can select a category or enter a new one for this Contact. Click Save and Close to save the Contact.

Remove a Contact

To delete a Contact document from your Personal Address Book, select the document in either the Contacts or Contacts by Category view and click the Delete Contact button on the Action bar. An X appears in the selection margin, marking the document for deletion. When you refresh or close the Personal Address Book, an alert appears asking you to confirm that you want to delete the document. Click Yes.



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