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Part 6. Using Mail Tools > Task 8 How to Open Someone Else's Mail

Task 8 How to Open Someone Else's Mail

Opening someone else's mail isn't something you do casually—you have to have permission. Normally, you don't have the rights to open anyone's Mail but your own. The owner of the Mail file has to name you in her delegation preferences (as you learned in Task 6). What you can do in that person's Mail file depends on the level of permission given you.

Open the Mail File

Before you open someone else's Mail, check with that person to see which level of permission you have been given and where the Mail file is stored (if you have more than one server in your organization). Then choose File, Database, Open to open the Open Database dialog box.

Select the Home Server

The home server is the server on which your Mail database is stored. From the Server drop-down box, select the name of the person's home server.

Find the Mail Folder

In the Database list box, find the Mail folder (near the bottom of the list). Double-click it to see the list of Mail files stored there.

Select the Mail File

Select the Mail file you need (they are listed alphabetically by first name), and then click Open. If the owner of the Mail file has given you permission to open it, the Mail file will open. Otherwise, you will be alerted that you don't have access to open that file.

Open Mail Documents

At the very least, the access granted you to someone else's mail allows you to read mail of the other person. If you have permission to send mail on that person's behalf, the memo will have that person's name as the sender with a note that it was sent by you.

Bookmark the Mail File

You won't be able to open the other person's Mail file by clicking the Mail bookmark—that's your Mail file. If you will be handling this mail file often, you should bookmark it so you can easily open it. Right-click the window tab for that Mail file and select Create Bookmark. Then assign a location for the bookmark and click OK.



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