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Part 6. Using Mail Tools > Task 7 How to Use Notes Minder

Task 7 How to Use Notes Minder

As long as you have Notes running, even if it is minimized, you will receive notification of any new mail. If you exit Notes, however, you won't know that a new—and possibly urgent—memo has been delivered to your Mail database. But Notes has a utility that notifies you of new mail and issues any calendar alarms, even if Notes isn't running. That utility is called the Notes Minder.

Start the Notes Minder

To start Notes Minder initially, click Start on the Windows taskbar and then choose Programs or All Programs, Lotus Applications, Notes Minder. Notes does not have to be open for you to do this. When the Enter Password dialog box appears, type your Notes password and click OK.

See the Notes Minder Pop-Up

When Notes Minder is running, an envelope icon appears in the system tray of your Windows taskbar. The current status or number of new mail messages received pops up when you point the mouse at the icon. For example, the pop-up might say Mail last checked at 10:00 PM. Double-clicking the icon launches Notes and opens your Mail file.

View the Notes Minder Menu

To see the Notes Minder menu, right-click the icon. Then select Check Now to check the status of your Mail file. A dialog box opens, alerting you that you have new mail (if you chose visible notification). The Notes Minder icon flashes red if there is new mail; it has an X through it if Notes Minder can't connect to the server.

Get a List of Unread Mail

Select View Mail Summary from the Notes Minder menu to open a dialog box that displays a list of the unread messages in your Inbox. Double-click one of the messages to open Notes and display that message. To close the dialog box without viewing a mail message, click OK.

Set Notes Minder Options

Select Properties from the Notes Minder menu to open the Options for Lotus Notes Minder dialog box. Set the type of notification you want for new mail—Audible Notification or Visual Notification for Mail, or both. Select Show Missed Alarms to be alerted to Calendar alarms. Under Frequency, set how often you want Notes Minder to check for new mail. Click OK.

Disable Notes Minder

To leave Notes Minder running but disable mail checking (in case you're temporarily disconnected from the server, for example), right-click the Notes Minder icon and select Enabled to make the check mark disappear. To enable it again, right-click the icon and select Enabled.

Exit Notes Minder

To exit Notes Minder, right-click the icon and then select Exit from the menu. The icon disappears from the taskbar.



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