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Part 6. Using Mail Tools > Task 5 How to Set Rules

Task 5 How to Set Rules

Rules determine how Notes handles your incoming mail. You create a rule by defining an action for Notes to take when it receives a memo. With the rule turned on, Notes acts on any incoming mail that meets the condition(s) of the rule. If a memo has the subject National Convention, for example, a rule can move that memo immediately on receipt into your Convention folder, and you won't have to sort through incoming mail for memos on the topic of conventions.

Create a New Rule

Open your Mail database and expand the Tools view in the Navigation pane. Select the Rules folder, and on the Action bar, click New Rule. The New Rule dialog box opens.

Create a Condition

Under Create Condition are three boxes. Click the drop-down arrow on the left box to see a list of items that are the “what” of the condition (sender, body, importance, and so on). In the middle box you can select from Contains, Does Not Contain, Is, and Is Not options. In the box on the right, type or select the text or condition you want to monitor.

Add the Condition

After you set the options for the condition, click Add to add the condition to the list of conditions to be checked when mail arrives.

Add Another Condition

To create another condition for the rule (if needed), select the Create: Condition radio button; then select AND or OR from the first drop-down box. Use AND when you want the rule to meet both conditions; use OR when you want the rule to meet one condition or the other. Repeat step 2 to select or enter the three components of the condition, and then click Add.

Make an Exception

To create a condition under which the rule does not apply, click the Create: Exception radio button. Repeat step 2 to select or enter the appropriate conditions under which you do not want the rule to apply. Click Add.

Define Actions to Take

Under Specify Actions, select the action to take when the condition is met—Move to Folder, Copy to Folder, Send Copy to, Delete, and so on. Depending on the action you select, you need to type a name or select an option to further define that action. If you select Move to Folder, for example, you need to enter or select the name of the folder. Click Add Action.

Turn On the Rule

Make sure the This Rule Is radio button at the top of the dialog box is set to On; then click OK.



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