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Part 6. Using Mail Tools > Task 3 How to Send Out of Office Notices

Task 3 How to Send Out of Office Notices

Going away? Don't let your email pile up and leave people expecting you to take care of something they have sent you in an email. Use the Out of Office agent to automatically respond by notifying others that you are away. You can even create a unique response message so some people receive a different message. Only one message is sent to each person, however, no matter how many emails they send you. You also get a welcome message when you return telling you who sent you mail while you were away.

Set Up the Out of Office Agent

All the settings for the Out of Office agent are available in the Out of Office dialog box. To open this dialog box, open your Mail database, click the Tools button on the Action bar, and select Out of Office.

Pick the Dates You'll Be Away

The Out of Office dialog box has four tabs. Select the Dates tab, if it isn't already selected. Type or select the Leaving and Returning dates covering the period you will be away. To select the dates, click the little date picker button at the right side of the field to open a calendar; click the date (use the left and right arrows to go back and forward in the months). If you have given permission for others to see your free time (see Part 8, Task 8, “How to Set Calendar Preferences”), you should select Book Busytime for These Dates so people who are trying to schedule events will be able to tell you aren't available.

Create the Out of Office Message

Click the Out of Office Message tab to create the message you want delivered to most of the people who send you email while you're away. Notes displays a default message for you. Click in the Subject box or the message box and edit the message.

Write a Special Message

Click the Special Message tab to create a message you want to send only to the people you specify in the To box. Either type the names in To or click the entry helper button to select names from the address books.

Make Exceptions

In some instances, you won't want to send a message. Click the Exceptions tab to specify those instances. Select Do Not Automatically Reply to Mail from Internet Addresses if you don't want to alert non-Notes users that you're out of the office. You also can specify people or groups that shouldn't receive replies while you're away. You can choose not to respond to mail addressed to you as a member of a group, and you can refuse to send a response if the incoming memo covers certain subjects.

Enable the Agent

To put the Out of Office agent into action, click the Enable button at the bottom of the dialog box. After you return, open the Out of Office dialog box and click the Disable button. Even though the return date is past, disabling the agent is the only way to be certain that it is turned off. If you just set up the agent in preparation for going away and want to enable it later, click OK. Notes will ask whether you want to exit without enabling the agent. Click Yes. You can come back later, open the dialog box, and click Enable when you are ready.



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