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Part 6. Using Mail Tools > Task 2 How to Create Stationery

Task 2 How to Create Stationery

Stationery enables you to reuse the message, format, and recipient list of a message repeatedly—much like a form letter. Memo stationery looks exactly like any memo, with the currently selected letterhead and the same heading information, and you use it to store the text and recipient list for frequently sent messages. Personal stationery includes three fields in addition to the standard letterhead information. One field is the header of the message, another is the message body, and the third is the footer field. You can add graphics or formatted text to any of the three fields. Your stored stationery appears in the Stationery view.

Create Personal Stationery

Open your Mail database and click the plus sign (+) in front of Tools. Then select the Stationery view. Click the New button on the Action bar, and select Stationery - Personal. A blank personal stationery form opens.

View the Personal Stationery Form

The personal stationery form has the same letterhead you are currently using for mail memos. The address fields at the top of the form are the same as any mail memo. Note, however, that Stationery name:-Untitled- appears under the name and date in the heading. Below the heading area are the three personal stationery fields.

Enter a Header

In the Header field, the first field in the personal stationery form, type the text you want to appear at the top of each memo you create based on this personal stationery.

Add a Footer and the Body Text

In the last of the personal stationery form fields, type any appropriate text or add any graphics that you want at the bottom of any memos created using the stationery. Then, type any body text you want to include in the stationery. Remember, this body text will appear each time you open the stationery to use it—but don't worry, you can edit it. You can also set any delivery options you want the stationery to have.

Save and Name the Stationery

Click the Save button on the Action bar to save the stationery for use later. (Click Discard Changes to throw away the stationery without saving it.) A dialog box pops up when you save the stationery for the first time. Enter a name for the stationery; make the name brief but descriptive so you will know what it is when you need it again. Click OK to close the dialog box and save the stationery you have created.

Use the Stationery

To use the stationery, open the Stationery view. Click the New button on the Action bar and choose Memo, Using Stationery. In the Select Stationery dialog box, select the stationery you want to use and then click OK. A new memo opens for you that is a copy of the stationery you created. Complete the memo and send it.



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