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Part 4. Reading and Managing Your Mail > Task 8 How to Create Folders to Organi...

Task 8 How to Create Folders to Organize Your Mail

Folders are similar to views. A folder's design is even based on a view. Although a view displays all the documents that meet a certain criteria set by the database designer, the contents of a folder generally rely on what you decide to put in it. Mail already has some specialized folders that are created for you: Rules, Inbox, and Trash. The Inbox is a unique folder that acts more like a view than a folder—although you can move memos out of the Inbox into other folders, you cannot control which memos are placed in the Inbox folder. Any folders you create contain only the documents you put there.

Create a Folder

Choose Create, Folder from the menu, or click the Folder button on the Action bar and select Create Folder from the submenu. The Create Folder dialog box opens.

Name the Folder

In the Folder Name text box, type the name for your new folder. Make the name brief but descriptive.

Choose a Location

In the Select a Location for the New Folder box, select Folders. If you select one of the folders in the list, your new folder will appear in the Navigation pane as a subfolder of the one you selected.

Select a Style

Normally, a new folder design is based on the Inbox. If you want to use the style from another folder or view, click the Advanced button and then click the Copy From button. Select the view or folder with the style you want to copy; don't select Blank unless you want to design your own columns (not a good idea unless you're a Notes application developer). Click OK.

Close the Create Folder Dialog Box

Click OK to close the Create Folder dialog box. The new folder appears in the Navigation pane, as shown here.

Use Subfolders

Most of the time, you select Folders as the location when deciding where your new folder should go (as in step 3). However, if you select the name of an existing folder as the location, your new folder appears as a subfolder below the selected folder location.



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